Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My First Blog

I just thought of making a blog for my running experiences. I don't know why it just hit me to start to make a blog. I suddenly just have the feeling of excitements to fill it up. Actually, I'm not fond of doing blogs ever since the "BLOG" word came into the technology world. Anyway, just for the fun of it.. :)
This is my so called "calling" when it comes to running. I've already taken it out of my mind since I entered college but eventually, I think there's something about running that gives me the sense of peace, relaxation and satisfaction within me. I started going back to running with this event.. Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon. My first time to run again officially so I just took the lowest category.. 10KM. Being sponsored by the Standard Chartered Bank is better coz we don't have to worry anymore on the registration fees which is paid in Singapore Dollars.

So far so good, I got a timing of 00:59:++. Not bad for an old timer athlete..

After the 10KM SG Marathon, it just came into my mind why not go into running again? Anyway, I get to be conscious of my health and what I eat ever since i got into Malaysia. So from then on, I joined a group here in Malaysia so I can meet avid runners like me.. I joined Pacesetters! Thanks to Benjamin Tan Jr! I just knew after the SG Marathon that he was also into running ever since. And what amazed me is that he have already run 4 full marathons already! :) I joined most of the runs that the Pacesetters organized. Even those which are not organized by them, as long as It's 10KM up, I joined them and of course, I'll be joining them.. So here are my previous runs together with their timings..

Adidas 22.7KM King of the Road
Time: 2:15:++
Shah Alam, Selangor
August 10, 2008

Siemens' 10KM Run
Time: 0:50:++
Dataran Merdeka, KL
July 6, 2008

Adidas Sundown Marathon - 10.5KM
Time: 0:51:++
Changi Airport, Singapore
May 31, 2008

New Balance 15KM
Time: 1:24:++
Lake Gardens, KL
May 18, 2008

NB Klang Pacers Half Marathon

Time: 2:01:++
Klang, Selangor
April 27, 2008

Great Eastern 20KM
Time: 2:10:++
Lake Gardens, KL
January 20, 2008

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